Friday, January 24, 2014

For Lisa

I am posting this just because one of my sweet friends is also a loyal reader and she has all but demanded an update from me.

And I do suppose I owe it to everyone who is kind enough to take a peek at these pages now and then.

 I really don't have any good reason for not writing other than blogging at the public library is a lot harder (and a lot less fun) than I imagined it would be.

Since I last wrote, winter has come on.  We've had snow.  We've had rain.  And we've had snow again.  Now we are having plain old-fashioned bitter cold.  It was 6 below when Seth and I got into the Suburban to head out this morning.

I don't mind the snow but the extremely low temperatures can be frustrating.  I don't worry about the house so much.  We have a pellet stove on the main level and a wood stove in the basement. We've never had a frozen pipe yet. 

Critter care is a different story.  Water freezes in less than an hour in this weather.  All of the rabbit's water bottles are like bricks by lunch.  Same with the chicken waterers.  I am so glad we don't have any large animals in the barn this winter, which reminds me...

We did sell Francis.  She is with a lovely herd of goats in Vermont living with another homesteading/homeschooling family.  I miss the discipline of milking.  I find myself sleeping in later - chickens are patient creatures-  and spending less time in the barn.  Neither of which are good for me.

But we will soon have pigs again!  How I love piglets! How I love bacon!

February will bring all the Farm Folks back together again.  There will be a meal and some planning.  What did we grow too much of last year?  What do we need more of?  What veggies do we love?  What veggies do we hate?  Who is willing to eat rabbit meat?  Who wants bacon?!

I love bringing everyone together. 

Some of my personal goals for the farm include:  creeping toward full scale meat rabbit production, developing a landrace crop or two, thinking about a cash crop.  I always have such big plans.  But high standards, even if we fall short, always produce better results than low standards, right?
I would love to see one more family/couple/person join the farm this year too!
(Too bad you don't live a tad closer, Lisa.)


  1. Thank you so very much my dear! Loved the update! Can I name the new piglet? I do love me some bacon! I wish we lived closer as well, though we do have lots of lovely farm land down here by us! Just a thought! Oh, and your Blog is just as lovely when it's being written from the library as it was from your home!

  2. I always check in. Lets get pigs!

  3. Glad your back, any interesting pictures you can share? I think the weather is getting to us all this year, I hope the gardening season will be good after all this cold.

  4. This is a bit late, but I'd love to hear more about your journey to full scale meat rabbit production! Thanks.